12/03/2013 28' 34''

With the collaboration of the Coral Escola de Música Sant Gervasi

#encrisis taps into the constant stream of people and ideas that flow through MACBA in order to reflect on the present moment, in which paradigm changes and new working models prevail.

Overwhelmed by the institutionalised discourse of politics and economists, we invite artists, philosophers, researchers and poets to share their ideas about what is happening to us, to comment on the positive and negative implications of this structural crisis, and to imagine an uncertain future. We get the ball rolling with Perejaume, Ignasi Aballí and Eduard Escoffet.

Perejaume is an artist who lives and works in Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona. His work, which is conceptual in nature, reflects on the media through a range of different languages such as sculpture, painting and poetry.

Ignasi Aballí is an artist. His work is a radical deconstruction of the pictorial act that revolves around a non-interventionist approach, based on conceptual binomials and using everyday materials in different formats. He lives and works in Barcelona.

Eduard Escoffet is a poet whose work spans several disciplines: sound, visual, and textual poetry and performance. Through Propost, which he founded in 1993, he has produced numerous events and festivals linked to poetry.

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