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Twelve years went by between Perejaume’s exhibition at MACBA, entitled 'Dis-Exhibit' (1999), and the one held at La Pedrera in 2011, 'Ai Perejaume, si veies la munió d’obres que t'envolten, no en faries cap de nova'. But both of these projects are part of a single thread that flows through this Catalan artist's works in the form of one of his ever-present interests: the need to practice an ecology of representation in a world saturated by images.

Unpainting, undrawing and unmaking are some of the strategies that Perejaume turns to in order to explore the limits of artistic representation and of the museum space, and the need to re-establish a direct (not culturally mediated) relationship with nature, objects and the territory.

Perejaume began his artistic career in the late seventies, and became associated with avant-garde movements such as Dada, Surrealism and Conceptual art, and also to Romanticism and 19th century Catalan landscape painting. Joan Miró, Brossa, J.V. Foix, Verdaguer, popular culture in the Maresme area and the farming world are some of the influences that inspire him.

His artistic production and his writing are inseparably intertwined, and have gradually given rise to a poetics of infinite metaphoric resonances in which painting coexists with photography, sculpture, words, action, video and sound.

In 2005, he won the Generalitat de Catalunya's Premi Nacional d’Arts Visuals, and the following year he won the Spanish Ministry of Culture's Premio Nacional de Artes Plasticas.

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