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Élisabeth Lebovici

The AIDS crisis, silences, activism and conceptualist practices

When you’re in the business of recording podcasts at a museum, things can’t get much worse than having Élisabeth Leboviciat the microphone when your voice recorder decides to add noise and distortion, and not knowing what’s going on or how to fix it. With her characteristic humour and lucidity, Lebovici incorporated the mishap into her discourse and our conversation flowed smoothly, skirting artifacts and cold sweats. The fragility of the moment, words erased and forgotten, and our determination to keep recording are now part of this document.

In this amazing conversation Lebovici reflects on the AIDS crisis during the eighties, and on the crucial role of conceptual art and activism in shaping the new visual and affective paradigms which gave voice to communities that the capitalist, liquefied society was (and still is) striving to smother. We also talk about poetry, pornography, and all that art that museums balk at hanging on their walls.

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