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Alma Söderberg on polyrhythm and politics:

'For me the polyrhythm practice is very related with a kind of political practice, of being in space of difference, not looking for the exit in a complex kind of site, where there is a lot of simultaneity, a lot of things happening at the same time, but very different, sometimes conflicting information, and being in able to navigate in that space… I find it useful to practice polyrhythm and then practice being in the world. I see there is a kind of skill you can develop by practice ‘simultaneous difference’ - this comes from a musicologist called Eric Davis, he talks about how you are “playing a part” and “playing apart”-. The ability to hold several toughs at the same time, the possibility to separate your brain, to hear one thing and to hear another thing even tough they are conflicting. Because this is not about finding a solution necessarily but it is about to be able to be in that space without becoming a single mind.'

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