• 00:01 A typical person from the capital
  • 05:09 Edinburgh, Environmental Studies
  • 15:31 ...and getting to know the peatlands
  • 18:42 A transformative assignment
  • 23:03 Thinking from the perspective of a sundew
  • 30:28 Ab-bandan
  • 36:26 Shared life-practice
  • 41:52 Narrative contexts for non-humans
  • 48:55 Assemblages
  • 51:49 Always translating
  • 55:17 Complexity & communication
  • 61:28 Working-with as discipline and medium
  • 65:41 Khamoosh: approaching Iranian sonic heritage
  • 73:49 Create a community instead of an artwork
  • 78:48 Re-contextualizing sounds
  • 84:03 Coming together through collective listening sessions
  • 96:09 Kativa. Resources and access.
  • 101:13 Soundwalks
03/04/2024 106' 1''

From experimental documentary to analogue photography, from field recordings to live arts, Iranian artist pantea (aka Pantea Armanfar) works across many disciplines, exploring different ways of imagining new narratives of ecological connections.

Her practice currently revolves around wetlands and marshes—liminal spaces that she approaches through the plant known as sundew (drosera), in an exercise in non-human fiction involving shared subjectivity and thinking-with. This research has gone hand in hand with a growing interest in socially engaged practice and the possibilities of sound and listening, which has materialised in the form of record releases as well as projects such as Khamoosh, an artistic research group (of which she is a member and founder) dedicated to preserving and archiving Iranian sonic heritage.

In this podcast, we talk to pantea about studying in Edinburgh, about the peat bogs of Scotland and about the misconceptions surrounding wetlands. We discuss agency, more-than-human subjectivities and the (im)possibilities that open up when thinking-with sundew, and about her experience with the Khamoosh listening and archiving community.

Musical references 

00:00 Tehran 630 AM (czaszka (rec.))
15:25 Red Moss walk 
22:48 Jolly at Galloway (czaszka (rec.))
27:24 Jolly at Galloway (czaszka (rec.))
33:12 Jolly at Galloway (czaszka (rec.))
36:21 WIP 1
38:24 WIP 2
40:25 Dental1
46:32 Atlantic Ocean (czaszka (rec.))
47:37 Atlantic Ocean (czaszka (rec.))
50:40 Things (Active Listeners Club)
55:12 popcorn & kettle
64:54 Rythmoscape (with Maryam Fazeli Fischer, based on field recordings by Yalda Yazdani & Christoph Wieland)
76:26 sphere radio mix (Nowrooz 1400 Special 21.03.2021)
83:55 sphere radio mix (Nowrooz 1400 Special 21.03.2021)
96:04 Fragile Fragments performance
104:51 Khamoosh sound library

Coproduced by Sonic Acts.

Conversation: Albert Tarrats and Anna Ramos. Script and sound production: Albert Tarrats. Voice over: Javiera Cadiz. Sounds courtesy of pantea and Khamoosh. Photo: Gemma Planell

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