• 00:01 Voice recognition
  • 03:42 Body hums
  • 07:22 Reading manuals
  • 11:30 POEMproducing
  • 17:22 Voice, sample and tone
  • 20:38 The sound of others
  • 26:30 Imitating and recording wind
  • 31:47 Political song, political sound
  • 37:12 Singing the unspoken
  • 43:42 The potential of the dream
  • 44:46 Westernization and the Eastern Bloc
  • 58:18 A lack of conversation
  • 59:34 Synth library, Prague
  • 64:58 Eastern Bloc feminism
  • 68:05 An east german diaspora
  • 77:21 Feminist sonic technologies
  • 83:53 Insisting to remember for REC:on
  • 94:13 Unlearning imperialism together
  • 104:05 A snow poem
16/02/2023 111' 1''
 Antye Greie at the RWM Workshop, MACBA, 2022. Photo: Tiago Pina.

Antye Greie (aka AGF or poemproducer) is a poet, activist, sound artist, sound sculptor, and curator, born in East Germany and based on the island of Hailuoto in northern Finland for over fifteen years. She started out playing in the experimental electronic group Laub in Berlin in the early 1990s, and went on to weave together an ongoing career out of feminisms, activism, collaborative practices, and radical ecology. Her practice, both poetic and political, goes beyond music and takes place between language, sound, listening, communication, and working with others in many platforms, formats, and alliances.

In this podcast, we talk to Antye Greie about language, sound, and the body. At their intersection, the voice emerges, with its multiple resonances and different ways of introducing the voice of others through her own practice and space of visibility. Along the way, we look at her work and methodology, from the deconstruction of texts to the implementation of what she calls “feminist sonic technologies”. Permeating everything, we encounter the memory and the experience of having been raised in the values and the political experiment of the former Eastern Bloc and feeling part of a silenced diaspora.

Musical references 

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This podcast is part of New Perspectives for Action. A project by Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the European Union. Coproduced by Sonic Acts.

Conversation: Anna Ramos. Script: Verónica Lahitte. Sound production: André Chêdas. Voice over: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Music: AGF. Recorded: February 2022.

2023. All rights reserved. © by the respective authors and publishers.
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