• 00:01 The production of dissent vs. molar identification
  • 00:46 Radical disagreements with the left
  • 02:14 Processes through which dissident subjectivity is produced
  • 02:57 Small white middleclass heterosexual owner
  • 03:52 New techniques for controlling the body and subjectivity
  • 11:34 The management of life
  • 13:36 The movement of living cells
  • 14:20 Other types of struggles: flows of milk, blood, ovules
  • 15:05 Biotechnological fluids
  • 15:48 Deleuze said: “If we knew how to start the revolution, we would be doing it now.”
  • 17:59 Fractures in the regulatory regime
  • 22:22 Changing the imaginaries of the revolution
  • 23:28 Sex, drugs and rock & roll
  • 23:56 The museum as a laboratory of non-violent revolutions
05/06/2013 24' 43''

We dig up some unreleased fragments of the interview with the philosopher and activist Beatriz Preciado that we were unable to include the first time around.

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