• 00:01 Community is a feeling
  • 06:56 Emotional and political veracity
  • 11:37 Collective(s)
  • 12:44 Languid Hands
  • 17:23 From silence to language and action
  • 19:19 Alignment
  • 23:16 Abolishing carcerality within a global community
  • 27:52 How are you holding up?
  • 34:55 Language, vocabulary and atunement
  • 44:19 Text as score, body as instrument
  • 51:07 Phrasing and etymology
  • 57:42 Oration as meaning
  • 60:02 Speech, performance and the act of reading
  • 67:50 The treadmill
20/03/2024 73' 55''
Imani Mason Jordan

Imani Mason Jordan is an interdisciplinary writer, artist, editor, curator and plant lover, heavily invested in collective practices and DIWO from a Black feminist perspective. Committed to political organizing and popular education, Imani is also an outspoken prison abolitionist, who embraces emotional and political veracity as a strategy to convey “what we know to be true”, and as a tool for harm reduction and for dismantling power structures. “What does testimony mean for those of us who are never believed?”, they ask. Through their work, Imani deep dives into language, poetics, orality and recitation. They understand text and oration as a space for experimentation and political attunement, and listening as an opportunity for healing. In their writing, critical theory, epistemic disobedience, memory, testimony and trauma take different forms and shapes, such as essays, articles, poems, plays, love letters.

In this podcast Imani Mason Jordan reflects on the conflicting meanings of community, which they sum up as “ a feeling and a relationship”. Finding guidance in the writings of Audre Lorde (and others)—through collective reading and listening—, Imani makes an urgent call for action, in order to disrupt and overcome the numbing of our emotions. Cadence, resonance, repetition and the bodily urgency of protest speeches operate in their artistic vocabulary as key tools for world-breaking, as well as world-making.

Conversation: Javiera Cádiz, pantea and Anna Ramos. Script and sound production: André Chêdas. Voice: Hiuwai Chu. Sounds: RWM Working Group, sounds from the Willem Twee Studios library, in Den Bosch.

Image: Imani Mason Jordan & Felix Taylor, "Earthly Accomplice". Photo: Anna Fàbrega.

Son[i]ablack queerwritinganti-racismDIWOpoetryCreative Commons

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