• 02:15 Language, race
  • 05:01 Mother tongues
  • 07:55 Language, gender
  • 09:52 Adding a plural
  • 12:47 The language of spirituality
  • 14:28 Borders
  • 17:25 The infinite potential to not relegate things to any one corner
  • 18:45 Navigating, normalising magic
  • 21:33 Astrology and the neoliberal co-option
  • 23:52 Spiritual upbringing
  • 27:43 Rituals
  • 31:15 Bruja
  • 36:53 Interdependence
  • 39:46 Queerness and magic
  • 44:11 Taking control of the sexist narrative
  • 46:35 Deplatforming, writing-off genres
  • 47:21 Reclaiming genres
  • 51:50 Magic and politics
08/09/2023 56' 38''
Marisa Malik (aka Manuka Honey) during a performance at MACBA. Photo: Dani Cantó.

It’s tempting to describe Marissa Malik’s practice as a crossroads—one where music production intersects with mysticism, DJing and astrology. But the way she talks about these complementary aspects instead suggests that they are all on a sort of Möbius strip, a continuum with no beginning or end, on which they harmonically coexist and feed back on each other.

This paradoxical geometry relies on a worldview and a critical gaze that has allowed Marissa to explore and put her own spin on the correlation between language, racial segregation and gender, especially in the framework of diaspora communities like her own: Marissa (also known by her musical moniker Manuka Honey), was raised in Connecticut by a Mexican mother and a Pakistani father and is now based in London. Which also goes some way to explain her often chaotic reinterpretation of Latinx-infused club music from all over the Global South.

We sat down with Marissa Malik to talk about language, rituals, migration, mysticism, barriers, queerness and sexuality in her musical domain. And we got the ball rolling with her dissertation ‘Language Erasure: The loss of mother tongue(s) in diaspora’.

Conversation: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Anna Ramos. Script, sound production: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Voice over: Javiera Cadiz. Music excerpts taken from Manuka Honey's "Industrial Princess" (NAAFI, 2023). Courtesy of the artist.

Image: Marissa Malik (aka Manuka Honey) during her performance at MACBA. Photo: Dani Cantó.

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