• 00:01 Cello today
  • 03:30 From playing cello to energy research
  • 15:38 Defining sound as energy
  • 17:38 Directional speaker research
  • 25:48 Building a parabole
  • 37:18 Stedelijk Museum set up
  • 42:07 HKW set up
  • 50:44 Future parabole projects
  • 59:54 Adding information to an environment
  • 64:36 Support group
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Parabole prototype in the back of the car. September 2019, Zagreb. Photo by Lucas van der Velden

Anthea Caddy is a Tasmanian-born and now Berlin-based experimental cellist and sound artist who explores projected sound energy through spatial practices that highlight acoustic and physical phenomena.

She has a background in media arts and electro-acoustic improvisation and is currently a PhD candidate under the supervision of media historian Douglas Kahn. Her work is an ever-expanding practice from the vibrational body of the cello into multiple amplification systems that harness and project sound energy.

Anthea’s ongoing research into long-throw sound projection in recent years has led her to develop a set of parabolic speakers in collaboration with artist and designer Miodrag Gladović and the Spatial Media Art Labs in Rotterdam. Throwing beams of sound up to 3 km long and 60 cm in circumference, this technology broadens the usual boundaries of installation and performance spaces, expanding the sonic possibilities of resonant architectural bodies and outdoor environments.

In this podcast, Anthea Caddy walks us through her journey from playing cello in rock bands as a teenager to her ongoing research into projected sound energy. She explains her long-term research on directional speakers and the results of the iterations and testing of the parabolic speakers. She also talks about documentation and about the difficulties of approaching large-scale sound performance.

Coproduced by Sonic Acts. Photo courtesy of Lucas van der Velden. Parabole prototype in the back of the car. September 2019, Zagreb.

Conversation: Anna Ramos. Script and sound production: Albert Tarrats. Voice over: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Sounds: recordings by BJ Nielsen of Anthea Caddy's installations and live performances.

2023. All rights reserved. © by the respective authors and publishers.
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