• 00:01 The experiential dimension
  • 04:03 A first encounter with New York
  • 14:19 Barcelona, its own particular sense of community
  • 17:37 "Cuenco cuenca": hand, hollow, clay, and sand
  • 27:11 A text written on entering the sea
  • 31:07 The hospitality of things: footprints and tracing
  • 34:57 Pointing out: a strange interpretative machine
  • 38:26 "Sincronías"
  • 43:00 Working with artisans and the moment when manual actions lost status
  • 46:47 Mud
  • 47:45 Anti-monuments
  • 53:02 The Slide and the Factory: for art to have a function
  • 60:35 Working conditions
  • 64:16 Connections, synergies, community
  • 66:50 Parenting and artistic practice
08/03/2023 68' 21''
Marc Larré, índices

Marc Larré (Barcelona, 1978) works with video, photography, sculpture and objects, giving free rein to a dilettante practice that entails attentive listening to the materials he handles, and also to the context—to his surroundings. In his thinking-by-doing, Marc generates countless unexpected connections between temporary situations, objects, and people, in order to question notions of progress and modernity. He does so through myriad gestures and frictions, such as flattening the axis mundi to the ground in a bid for horizontality that challenges the hegemony of the gaze in favour of the sensuality of touch and contact. And his predilection for minor, ephemeral materials, such as plaster, clay, and paper, with which he forms and deforms objects. Other strategies include the defence of craft and artisanship—through interaction and doing-with others—to activate something that we could describe as an archaeology of the present, which appeals to what he calls “the hospitality of things”.

In this podcast, we talk to Marc Larré about megaliths, stones, and anti-monuments. As we listen, artisanal practices, traces, frictions, clay, and plaster make an appearance. We talk about the experiential dimension of his practice and about the connections and synergies with the art community in Barcelona. And naturally, we also talk about art, about precarity, and about the need to rethink our working conditions, together.

Conversation: Verónica Lahitte, Ricardo Cárdenas and Anna Ramos. Script, sound production and voice over Verónica Lahitte. Sound: RWM library music.
Son[i]aDIWOeducationmudmonumentswritingworking conditionsMarc LarréCreative Commons

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