• 00:01 Reality is imbued in everything: in what we do, what we eat, what we live
  • 01:59 "Càntirs" (1976)
  • 07:05 Formative years: football, Art School, sculpture with Eudald Serra and libraries
  • 09:55 Return to La Bisbal
  • 16:45 Soil and action
  • 19:08 Mud, dust, clay, pottery
  • 21:07 Crumpled paper, stones, iron hooks
  • 22:01 "Pedra i ganxos de ferro. Sèrie 'Massanet'", 1977
  • 24:02 "Porta doble", 1990
  • 26:07 Game and objects
  • 27:18 Flea markets
  • 28:09 A mineral water collection
  • 30:16 Almost everything is already there...
09/08/2021 32' 25''
The Photocopy as a Work-Document

Pere Noguera (La Bisbal de l'Empordà, 1941) is a conceptual artist. Since the early 1970s he has been experimenting with the aesthetic, poetic, and metaphysical possibilities of mud, water, landscape, paper, photocopies, photography, everyday objects, action, and the passage of time. In FONS AUDIO #51, Pere Noguera talks about his formative years at Escola Massana in Barcelona and his flirtation with professional football. He also tells us about his town—La Bisbal—, about his relationship with the soil, clay, ceramics, trades, nature, and play, and about his gradual discovery of the various creative media he has worked with over the years: photocopies, printing, monotype, the mirror effect, “enfangada” (in which surfaces or objects are covered in clay), found objects, improvisation, chance, and observation. Along the way, he gives us some insight into works such as "La fotocòpia com a obra document" (1975), "Càntirs" (1976), "Pedra i ganxos de ferro. Sèrie 'Massanet'" (1977) and "Porta doble" (1990).

Conversation: Loli Acebal, Ricardo Cárdenas, Violeta Ospina and Anna Ramos. Script: Loli Acebal. Production: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros.
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