• 02:54 Ecofeminisms
  • 14:03 The sustainability of life and co-responsibility
  • 16:24 Ways of inhabiting the body. Between the natural, cultural, and social. Queer theory and surrogacy
  • 25:12 Democracy on a local scale. Managing rights, desires, and expectations
  • 27:43 Changing the economic metabolism. Towards a social and sustainable solidarity economy
  • 35:26 Utopian pragmatism: Taking the institutions, power and counterpower
  • 39:58 Tearing down artificial boundaries. Between the natural and cultural, private and political
  • 42:54 Reproductive work: feminisation, generational transfer, and domestic employment
  • 52:44 The distribution of finite, essential common goods
20/06/2017 64' 6''

Yayo Herrero is an anthropologist, social educator, agricultural engineer, teacher, and ecofeminst. Through her many essays and her ecofeminist practice, Herrero denounces the contradictions of the current model of capitalist development: an unsustainable model based on constant economic growth that ignores the biophysical limits of the planet and its inhabitants, and disregards the social reproduction and care work that is essential to the sustenance of life. The kind of work that is mainly done by women in patriarchal societies and that remains hidden in the domestic world, and thus excluded from social recognition and remuneration.

From the intersection between environmentalism and feminism, Herrero reminds us that we are eco-dependent and interdependent beings, and that our life is subject to limits: limits that arise from the vulnerability and transience of our own bodies and social life, from the scarcity of natural resources, from climate change, from the extinction of biodiversity, and from pollution. For this reason, Yayo Herrero calls for institutions to join citizens and social movements to implement new, sustainable, co-responsible models of society that redefine notions of production and work in favour of approaches that are “biophysically feasible and socioeconomically fair.”

Son[i]a talks to Yayo Herrero about different forms of ecofeminsim, about the political management of desires, expectations, and needs, about the importance of reproductive work and the need to find new patterns of social and institutional co-responsibility, and about the management of the commons.

With music by Jana Winderen, taken from de Soundcloud and Touch catalogue. Her works are also available on Bandcamp.
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