• 02:44 Feminism / Feminisms
  • 07:18 Struggling against system. We are the system
  • 10:28 Capitalism is a complex monster
  • 15:31 Communalism in times of neoliberalism
  • 18:57 Elections change nothing
  • 23:42 A materialist feminism
  • 27:21 From the cultural subject to an economic subject
  • 32:01 The contemporary art network
  • 34:28 Radical curating
  • 37:59 Some strategies
07/12/2015 44' 15''

Angela Dimitrakaki is an essayist, novelist, and Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Art History and Theory at the University of Edinburgh. From the trenches of Marxist-inspired materialist feminism, Dimitrakaki analyses the links between art, the economy, and politics against the backdrop of globalised late capitalism.

What type of feminism does the twenty-first century call for? How can anti-patriarchal strategies join forces with the struggle to undermine neoliberalism? How can art history give rise to a new critical paradigm? In her essays, Dimitrakaki discusses all of these issues and examines the ways in which the economy shapes our identities and affects our labour, sexual, migratory, class, and gender relations.

SON[I]A talks to Angela Dimitrakaki about the new feminist critique, the limits of democracy, the wiles of post-capitalism, and the ambivalence of the commons. We also touch on the notions of radical curating and collaborative practices.

Music by AGF. Mixed by Lucrecia Dalt.
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