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Miren Etxezarreta is a writer, essayist and activist. She holds a PhD in economics and has taught applied economics at several universities. She is currently Professor Emeritus at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a member of the Seminario de Economía Crítica Taifa, a critical dissemination and education platform on political economy with the aim of transforming society.

Based on a Marxist, anti-capitalist perspective, Etxezarreta’s work has revolved around agricultural economy, economic policy, and economic development. Her analysis springs from two seemingly simple ideas that are often overlooked: firstly, that the economy is never neutral, and secondly, that capitalism is not the only possible system of social organisation.

Accordingly, she defends the political imagination as a means to disrupt the established order. Etxezarreta argues that when the collusion between the political and economic spheres has reached today’s alarming and shameful levels, options for social change can no longer be left in the hands of political parties. Instead, she suggests operating through grassroots activism, creating new networks of cooperation and collective associationism.

In this SON[I]A, Miren Etxezarreta dismantles the false myth of the pensions crisis and explores new financing strategies. She also analyses the cooptation dynamics of neoliberalism, the recent rise of the right, and the crisis of the left, and discusses new citizen action strategies.

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