• 01:49 Subaltern educational situations
  • 04:19 The cloned space of the classroom
  • 06:29 German forest-schools
  • 07:21 The University of the Trees
  • 10:07 Representing the landscape: philosophy at the Open Air School of Painting in Mexico
  • 12:31 Correspondence education and other one-way educational situations
  • 15:03 This book is a classroom
  • 18:22 Breaking through the teacher-student binary
  • 22:02 Networked learning: the Catalan School of Tapestry
  • 26:14 Methodologies
  • 28:37 Papyrus pedagogy
  • 31:29 Inside La Maloka: a double spiral and a fireplace
  • 40:37 Tenses in Guambiano philosophy
  • 43:10 The “taita” and accreditation at MISAK University
  • 44:36 Evaluation criteria
  • 46:43 At home at university
18/11/2015 49' 27''
Jordi Ferreiro

Jordi Ferreiro is an artist and educator who sees no distinction between his two chosen disciplines. His projects mediate the relationship between the artist, the audience, and the museum through strategies based on participation, play, and estrangement. They include choreographed tours, passive performances, interactive audiotours, social sculptures, hyperfiction, installations, and quite a few kilos of gold confetti.

In his spare time, Jordi Ferrerio studies information transfer methodologies and educational movements that lie outside the norm. For this conversation, he has organised them according to three basic criteria: the space, the participants, and the methodology. To a greater or lesser extent, each of the case studies interrupts the usual structure and relations that are set up in the classroom.

Through anomalous, subaltern, experimental projects such as the University of Trees, the Outdoor Painting Schools in Mexico, a Zaragoza-based origami group, the Escola Catalana del Tapís, and the German forest schools, Jordi Ferreiro shares practical examples that operate around play, performativity, and horizontality.

Jordi Ferreiro talks about educational situations outside the norm, affects and meaningful learning, and experimental systems of evaluation.

Music by Like A Tim
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