13/06/2012 17' 52''

Co-founded by artist and composer Arthur Sauer and researcher Erwin Roebroeks, The Game of Life is the world's only mobile Wave Field Synthesis system. Wave Field Synthesis is a spatial audio rendering technique for the creation of virtual acoustic environments.

It produces 'artificial' wave fronts synthesized by numerous individually-driven speakers. These wave fronts seem to originate from a virtual starting point: the virtual or notional source. Contrary to traditional specialization techniques such as stereo, the localization of virtual sources in WFS does not depend on - or change with - the listener's position.

The Game of Life Foundation facilitates the creation, production, programming and promotion of cutting-edge spatial sound projects. Coinciding with Sónar festival, the system, with its 192 specially designed loudspeakers, is one of the projects featured in "Oferta Pública / Public Tender": Rita McBride's solo show at MACBA.

SSON[I]A talks to Arthur Sauer about immersive sound, spatial electronic music, and other applications of Wave Field Synthesis.

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