• 00:01 Adapting to pandemic times
  • 05:27 A possible link between shamanistic ritual music and K-pop
  • 08:28 Erasure and recuperation of Korean cultural heritage
  • 09:48 Controlling instruments vs performing
  • 11:41 Some notes about the Benjolin
  • 13:31 A few notes on feedback
  • 15:32 Part of the Generation X: witness to the switch from analogue to digital technologies and always surrounded by noise
  • 17:38 Composing: finding the right place for sounds
  • 19:07 A few notes on the bamboo instrument
  • 20:39 A broken, second-hand hand harp
  • 22:53 Working with organs: an effort to reveal their mechanical behaviour
  • 25:53 The beauty and ritual of writing
  • 29:02 The Wave Field Synthesis system auditory experience
  • 31:33 Being immersed in the sound world
  • 33:35 The WFS becoming an instrument
  • 34:51 A few notes on the The Pentacle 15.3 Surround Sound System
17/12/2020 38' 32''
Ji Youn Kang

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with sound artist Ji Youn Kang that we were unable to include the first time around.

Co-produced by Lighthouse (Brighton). This podcast is part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
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