• 00:44 "Chaplet", 2007
  • 01:34 The limits of the human body: biometrics, security and borders
  • 02:59 The religion of breaking intimacy
  • 04:19 You leave traces... wherever you are
  • 04:34 Every political context is a poetic moment
  • 05:37 A map of the world drawn with candles
  • 60:00 To become anonymous is almost an illicit act
  • 07:01 The artist was here
17/08/2016 8' 51''

Moving, blurring boundaries and roaming are some of the actions that characterise the life and work of Mircea Cantor (Oradea, Romania, 1977). Using a language based on minimal, direct, highly poetic gestures, Cantor explores the boundaries of cultural traditions and artistic genres. At the same time, he examines the fragility of the conventions and ideologies of contemporary society, criticising its mechanisms of extreme control. His videos, photographs, paintings, installations, and site specific interventions gradually weave a subtle and captivating web that invites us to rethink our identities and our places in the world.

In FONS AUDIO #43 Mircea Cantor talks about his work 'Chaplet' (2007), about the impact of borders and the society of control, and about the poetic resonance of tracks, materials, and other physical traces.

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