• 01:14 "Yo no quiero ver más a mis vecinos" (2006)
  • 08:16 Colonialismo, poscolonialismo, clichés
  • 24:14 Arquitectura, escultura, pintura
  • 32:19 Activista cultural / curadoría
01/07/2016 36' 15''

Carlos Garaicoa works with a wide range of artistic disciplines to devise his narratives of the contemporary city. Over the years, photographs, interventions, texts, videos, drawings, sculptures, architectural models, and installations have built up a visual and conceptual body of work with the city as backdrop. Garaicoa’s city is conceived as a symbolic space of political, social, and emotional interactions that the he attempts to disclose, in order to conquer new fields of freedom.

In FONS AUDIO #42 Carlos Garaicoa talks about his education in Cuba, about the pressing need to move beyond post-colonial narratives, about his cultural activism, and about 'Yo no quiero ver más a mis vecinos' ('I Don’t Want to See My Neighbours Any More'), which forms part of the MACBA Collection.

SpecialsFONS ÀUDIOCarlos GaraicoaCreative Commonsarchitectureactivismpost-colonialismCuba

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