01/05/2008 11' 15''
son[i]a #6

As always in the Short Histories of Cinema series, the content is directed towards a younger audience, but can be enjoyed by all. Young and old alike will enjoy the selection of works chosen by Carolina López Caballero with the help of Mercedes Conde, a specialist in the Opera. The series Three afternoons at the Opera (April 26, and May 10 and 24, 2008) features a selection of short films that bring together the world of Opera with that of animation, showing a wide variety of techniques and productions. Film has always found inspiration in Opera. However, it is animated film, with one eye always on music, where Opera’s influence has been most fruitful.
This series is delivered in three acts: How beautiful it is to sing!, where voice and music are the protagonists; To the scene!, where the staging transcends the limits of conventional scenography thanks to animation, which is always closer to the imagination; finally, Let the opera begin!, a fun production focusing on the excesses and subversion of genre.

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