• 00:01 The legacy of conceptual art
  • 06:36 Subjectivity and experience as historical narratives. The Latin American Third Cinema movement and cinéma vérité
  • 10:30 “La buena vida/The Good Life”, 2005-2008. Public opinion: fieldwork for an alternative non-linear archive
  • 15:01 5 questions on the concept of democracy in Latin America and the sociological desire to understand
  • 19:55 “We Who Feel Differently”
  • 25:12 Art or curating? The notion of authorship in relation to documentary materials and archives
  • 27:32 Strategies for channelling arts funding into activism
  • 36:38 Contradictions and ethical challenges. Art, politics and the market
  • 40:14 Precarity in the art world.
  • 41:19 Gatekeepers: galleries, the market and institutions
  • 44:18 "Hilos de sangre" (Threads of Blood), 2021-2023: a HIV oral archive
  • 51:32 "Corpo Fechado", 2018. Colonial archives and speculative histories of sexual dissidence and gender
  • 61:14 Sexual politics and gender today, seeking a historical genealogy of difference
  • 72:30 (Queer) theology
  • 79:13 Faith in relation to sexuality and to gender
18/01/2024 81' 19''
Carlos Motta, "Legacy", 2019, courtesy of the artist and Mor Charpentier Gallery

Carlos Motta (b. Bogotá, 1978) sees his research as a potential space of enunciation from which to act as a counterweight to the prevailing narratives—a positive gesture of recognition of social groups, identities and communities whose voices have been suppressed by the dominant colonial power. His radical multidisciplinary practice and his use of a range of media—from video to installation, sculpture, performance and drawing on paper—make him hard to pin down. He also focuses on interaction with others, in ensemble works involving orality, documentary, curating, and even organizing public programs and symposia. Avoiding a neutral stand, these divergent spaces unfold through the poetics of narrative and through clearly defined ideological positions, with the intention of developing new alternative archives that recognise the value of situated and embodied knowledge.   

In this podcast, we talk to Carlos Motta about art, politics, the market, and working conditions. Given his obstinate resistance to defining himself within a specific style and/or medium, we hear how he entered (and moved away from) the legacy of conceptual art. And in line with what he calls his “sociological desire to understand”, we take a new look at the strategies of the Latin American Third Cinema movement and European cinema verité through his practice, relational devices, and extended ways of thinking and performing new archives.

Conversation: Ricardo Cárdenas, Txe Roimeser and Anna Ramos. Script: Ricardo Cárdenas. Sound production: Violeta Ospina. Voice over: Violeta Ospina. Sounds: RWM Working Group, recorded at Ina GRM.

Image: Carlos Motta, "Legacy", 2019, courtesy of the artist and Mor Charpentier Gallery

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