• 00:01 Small magical rituals for invoking and summoning
  • 08:08 Tracksuit and pen
  • 13:39 Understanding how far words can go
  • 18:36 My artistic activities
  • 20:07 What does it mean to be alive?
  • 22:35 Vibrations and gaps: the space of what’s there… even if it’s not
  • 33:00 If you’re going to tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything
  • 36:05 Physiologies
  • 42:45 Learning spaces and multiple ways of approaching things
  • 47:30 The voices that accompany me and make me who I am
  • 48:38 When you move your legs, you move your heart
  • 53:15 Sonorities
  • 58:07 Street botanographies
  • 64:41 Calligraphies
  • 68:24 Paranormal Doctoral Thesis (sung)

  • 74:18 Mr. Consistency
  • 86:31 The amateur professional and homemade art
  • 83:27 Keeping going between precarity and motherhood
  • 86:37 Motherhood, art and life
  • 93:31 Tenderness

  • 99:43 Art and education: PermeAbilities
12/09/2023 106' 27''
Itxaso Corral "Cuadros coreográficos"

The work of artist Itxaso Corral (b. Bilbao, 1979) calls on an extensive glossary of concepts, media, and practices that explore beyond the bounds of closed definitions, in a gesture that simultaneously expands the scope of possibility of so-called live arts. In her creative space, physiology, language and magic mobilise times and spaces from which to vibrate in interconnection with different organisms, while trying to come closer to the feeling of—not just resolve—her main concern: what does it mean to be alive?

In this podcast, Itxaso Corral shares with us the small rituals that give shape and meaning to her artistic activities: pulsations of life that emerge through performance, dance, singing, and calligraphy as experiential spaces, which are the result of lived experience and long durations, and of the energy that arises from learning and doing with others. The conversation opens a door in space-time to forms of attention and presence, which are conjured by tenderness, listening, empathy, interdependence, and the domestic sphere.

Sound interventions
This breathing organism
13:33 "Vengo" (poem excerpt)
17:42 "Vengo" (poem excerpt)
19:58 "Vengo" (poem excerpt)
21:05 "Vengo" (poem excerpt)
29:46 Score reading "Oscilanta"
35:38 Score reading "Escuchar, auscultar"
40:58 Dental splint
42:23 Dental splint and "Mandibula"
47:15 Score reading "Olas, aureolas"
48:05 Score reading "Las palabras emanan"
52:12 "Pendiendo de un hilo. Galaxia" (song)
56:46 Score reading"Sónica, fónica"
64:37 Score reading "Planta"
67:45 Score reading "Pulmón", "Planta", "Húmedas"
74:11 "Thinking is not cleverness"
75:15 Score reading "Saberes sabiondos"
86:10 Score reading "Unos tanteos, unos extrañamientos"
93:10 Lullaby
99:21 Score reading "PermeHabilidades"
105:10 Score reading "Los poros de las rocas"

Conversation: Javiera Cadiz, Ricardo Cárdenas and Anna Ramos. Script: Ricardo Cárdenas. Sound production: Violeta Ospina. Voices: Javiera Cádiz, Ricardo Cárdenas, Noela Covelo, Itxaso Corral, Verónica Lahitte, Violeta Ospina and Anna Ramos. Image: Itxaso Corral "Cuadro Coreográfico".
Son[i]aperformancewritingDIWOItxaso CorralCreative Commons

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