• 00:57 Polyrhythm and politics. Being in a space of difference
  • 04:38 Let the ear shape choreography. A kind of attention
  • 06:00 The desire to listen
  • 07:46 Flamenco and hip-hop
  • 10:03 Reduced listening. Kamasi Washington and Snoop Dogg
  • 13:37 “Listening in detail”
  • 15:34 Making rhythm matter vs the layering of Polyrhythm
  • 18:27 “Listening in detail”
  • 18:50 Weaving the time and the space
  • 22:13 Anni Alber’s knots
  • 23:45 Sound and movement. Accidents and mistakes
  • 25:35 Just noticing…
  • 28:09 Listening to body language
  • 32:12 Sounding dances
  • 34:50 Content is also vibration
  • 43:28 Ideorhythms
  • 46:27 Sharing
  • 51:20 Waiting is also an interesting material
  • 55:32 Teaching the joy of rhythm
11/05/2020 64' 7''
Alma Sörderberg

Music and sounds taken from Alma Södeberg's archive of performances and choreographies. The work "Listening in the detail" was produced for this podcast.

Alma Söderberg is a choreographer and performer who works with music and dance. As well as exploring close listening, Alma listens to rhythm and movement, in order to inhabit polyrythm and "simultaneous difference", to quote Eric Davis by way of Alma. In her solos and choreographic projects, which are developed in close collaboration with the sound artist Hendrik Willekens, her voice and body "play" the space as though it were an instrument.  Her unadorned synchronies of voice, rhythm, and movement blur and merge sight and sound in minimal, repetitive, precise movements. Sound and movement are perceived as one and the same. Voice, language, and text dissolve in melody and rhythm. Background and foreground disappear.

In this podcast, Alma Söderberg tells us about the many musical influences that inspire her choreographic practice: jazz, flamenco, hip hop, and experimental and Afro-American music. She also talks about multiplicity, reduced listening and deep listening, about letting rhythm run through you, about the voice, sharing, idiorhythms, Anni Albers, weaving, learning to wait, and about playing.

2020. All rights reserved. © by the artist. Photo: Hendrik Willekens.
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