• 00:01 Infiltrating the institution
  • 06:30 Intro
  • 08:53 Footnotes to the exhibition "I Am a Stranger, and I Am Moving", 2020-21, Galeria Joan Prats
  • 12:54 Small dissents with the text and figures who are no longer with us.
  • 22:52 Hélio Oiticica's parangolés
  • 25:53 Perla Zúñiga, the political body
  • 29:07 Queer spaces. Parenthetical spaces, inhabiting melancholy.34:12
  • 34:12 Jack Halberstam's and Catherine Lord's readings
  • 36:36 Dislocation: filming in the spaces where the work is to be exhibited
  • 39:20 The marginalisation of the queer in the institution
  • 43:51 Casting: the defenseless performer
  • 47:49 Indiscipline: rapping and dancing philosophy
  • 57:00 A pervasive solitude
  • 59:55 "Rapear Filosofía/Rapping Philosophy: Foucault, Sontag, Butler, Mbembe", 2016
26/02/2021 67' 21''
Cabello/Carceller "Lo que puede un cuerpo". Vista Galeria Joan Prats

Cabello/Carceller is the artist duo Helena Cabello and Ana Carceller. Since the early nineties, they have been questioning the arbitrariness and restrictions imposed by gender divisions on our bodies, spaces, representations and behaviour. Cabello/Carceller’s practice can be described as undisciplined rather than as interdisciplinary: it invokes dissent through the actual mixing of artistic genres, experimenting equally with the possibilities of performance, installation, dance, writing, photography, drawing, video, and collage, in various combinations and alliances. A form of writing and gesture that always takes place in and through plurality and collaboration, dismantling the kind of individual authorship that suits the neoliberal art production system so well.

In this podcast Cabello/Carceller infiltrate the arts institution and show how queer voices are systematically excluded from spaces of power, as well as museums and collections. Through their work, they invite us to reconsider the spaces we live in and leave, in order to queer them and turn them into transitional, unproductive places – sometimes melancholy, sometimes liberating – from which to imagine and activate new kinds of existence. Together, we activate the political potentiality of bodies, affects, festivity and collectivity. But we also acknowledge the solitary revolt of discordant bodies who, by their mere presence, are already doing politics.

Interview: Loli Acebal and Anna Ramos. Editing: Loli Acebal and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Sound: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Music: "Rapear Filosofía/Rapping Philosophy: Foucault, Sontag, Butler, Mbembe", 2016.
2021. Some rights reserved. © by the respective authors and publishers.

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