14/04/2018 52' 33''

val flores is a writer sexual dissidence activist dyke heterodox feminist cuir masculine teacher pro-sex drifter shivery pirate in progress vegan serious but not solemn border of institutions. She comes from Neuquén, currently lives in la plata, and is paralinguistically obsessed with writing her name in lower case.

Writing, teaching practice, and queer lesbian feminist activism are woven together in her life and work, generating disruptions that undermine the structures of neoliberal and colonial heteronormativism. val flores advocates the lesbianisation of public space and calls for the dismantling of the gender technologies that constrain our bodies, desires, and sexualities. She suggests generating intervals for pedagogical listening, collective reflection, poetic-political action, doubt, stammering, trial and error. Intervals that map paths of emancipation.

We shared some mates with val flores as we chatted about queer pedagogy, writing, and microactivism. We touched on teaching practice as political practice, on queer dissidence as a means to activate deheterosexualisng know-how, and on the need to inhabit and write our identities in new ways that break down gender, race, and class boundaries.

This podcast would not be possible without the voices, hands and bodies of: Laura Arensburg, Dolores Acebal, Marianne Blanco, Catarina Botehlo, Ana Luiza Braga, Ester Capdevila, Ricardo Cárdenas, Itxaso Corral, Lucrecia Dalt, Alicia Escobio, Clàudia Faus, Nicolás Fernandez, Vatiu Nicolás Koralsky, Julieta Obiols, Gemma Planell, Núria Rodríguez, Clara Plasencia, Christina Schultz and Laura Valencia.

Script: val flores and Loli Acebal. Editing: Loli Acebal. Sound editing: Lucrecia Dalt.

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