• 01:20 Repeating things
  • 03:16 Collage and contrast
  • 05:01 I’m just trying to force a conversation
  • 09:17 Structural freedom
  • 13:15 Dissonance
  • 14:26 Violence, a necessary
  • 16:35 Black stigmas
  • 19:24 The hip-hop template
  • 22:55 Tree branches
  • 25:07 Education, extremes
  • 27:55 I like to keep it light
  • 29:13 Optimism, pessimism
15/10/2018 33' 31''

Olin Caprison uses the Violence moniker in order to, as he puts it, "force conversations". And despite his staging – a visceral assemblage of shades and nuances of darkness, understood from multiple perspectives – Caprison is not necessarily out to provoke. Rather, the idea is to explore the limits of the divergence between different sources, cultural references, music subgenres, and rhythmic structures, often linked to fully codified standard genres such as death metal and hip hop.

In his work, Violence takes and changes their essences and implications regarding aspects such as gender and what he calls "hypermasculinity". A jigsaw puzzle and mix of references that does not only speak of violence but also, and above all, of certain monomyths of human behaviour.

We talk to Olin Caprison about limits, archetypes, connections, scenes, violence, rhythm, and freedom. Or what that catch-all word means beyond the clichés and neoliberal fantasies.

Son[i]aViolenceOlin Caprison

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