27/02/2014 20' 43''

Twenty-first century museums cannot continue to operate under the same paradigms as the museums of the modern age. MACBA finds itself, here and now, in a social, economic and geopolitical situation that is pushing it to redefine its objectives and working methods.

In response to the challenge of generating new forms of critical knowledge and action, the Museum presents a programme of exhibitions and public activities structured around six transversal lines of research, which are based on a vision of contemporary artistic practices as part of a process of political, aesthetic, somatic and sexual emancipation. By working on these lines, MACBA becomes a laboratory and opens up to collective research and debate, and to new audiences and exhibition formats.

Bartomeu Marí, Paul Beatriz Preciado and Valentín Roma are part of the team that conceived and formulated this project. In this episode of SON[I]A they talk about the conceptual structure that will drive the Museum's programming from 2014 to 2016.

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