Can we think through listening? Seth-Kim Cohen, Christoph Cox, Julian Henriques, Casey O’Callaghan, Peter Szendy and Salomé Voegelin discuss why thinking should not be at odds with resonating...


Andrea Fraser talks about the challenges and limitations of cultural activism, about the sub-fields of art, the relationship between artists and the market, and the museum in the neoliberal era.


<ENG> Jacob Kirkegaard reflects on the importance of listening and argues that sound art can create purely sensory spaces.


To coincide with Alvin Lucier's 85th birthday, we talk with Lucier about the need to listen carefully, and the role of space and technology in his work.


Toni Serra/Abu Ali talks about trance, light, shadows, transitions, conditions of life and possibility, about seeing and concealing, about dreaming and unlearning. And about plants, of course.


Angela Dimitrakaki talks about the new feminist critique, the limits of democracy, the wiles of post-capitalism, and the ambivalence of the commons.


Nabil Ahmed, Arie Altena and Antye Greie-Ripatti go deep underground and underwater to explore the slippery materiality of untraceable objects.


Jordi Ferreiro talks about educational situations outside the norm, affects and meaningful learning, and experimental systems of evaluation.


Georges Didi-Huberman talks about the problems regarding the way in which we see and interpret images.

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