16/08/2010 76' 8''

Curated by Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore. Narrated by Connie Treanor.

'Continue' investigates how music can be generated using a wide range of techniques. These range from very simple procedural systems, such as Mika Vainio's 'Twin Bleebs' which features two repeating events going in and out of phase, to David Tudor's 'Neural Synthesis No.9' – a more complex electronic system which explores indeterminacy through the emulation of neural activity.

The programme also looks at music which has been composed using formal geometric and mathematical rules, for example: Martin Neukom's 'Studie 18' and Thomas Brinkmann's '27 Fibonacci Numbers in a Binary Chain'.


ResearchCOMPOSING WITH PROCESSgenerative musicJoe GilmoreMark FellIannis XenakisYasunao Tone Mika VainioDavid Tudor Christophe Charles Thomas Brinkmann algorithmprocessMartin Neukom Gullibloon COMPOSING WITH PROCESS2015 most listened podcasts2006-2016: our 10 most listened-to podcasts EVER2016 most listened podcasts

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