• 00:01 Letter to my mother
  • 03:45 Introduction
  • 04:32 "H" script
  • 12:21 Germán Labrador Méndez: heroine and mystique
  • 21:06 Conversation with Jesús Bravo
  • 24:07 Germán Labrador Méndez: heroine as a metaphor of the transition
  • 28:52 Excerpt from the memoirs of Adrià Trescent
  • 31:33 Conversation with Carmen Puerta
  • 33:48 Excerpt from Pepe Sales diary
  • 43:10 Conversation with my mother
  • 46:42 “Listado de muertes”, excerpt from the memoirs of Adrià Trescent
23/10/2018 52' 43''

Research, interviews, and script: Marta Echaves. Music by: Yessi Perse. This project was made possible by a research grant from Sala d’Art Jove, Barcelona, in collaboration with MACBA.

The point of departure for Marta Echaves’ project THERE ARE NO MORE TICKETS TO THE FUNERAL was some of the artists and documents displayed in the “Beautiful Losers” section of the MACBA exhibition Hard Gelatin. Hidden Stories from the 80s, curated by Teresa Grandas. In this programme, heroin and the arrival of AIDS are presented as counter-narratives of post-dictatorship Spain, in conversation with testimonies of the period and through the activation of domestic archives, most of which are not in the public realm. These personal accounts are interwoven with Echaves’s own family history, charting a course through the silence and the sorrow of an era, and offering a tribute to those who did not survive.

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