15/05/2018 60' 6''

Germán Labrador Méndez (b. Vigo, 1980) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures at Princeton University. In books like Letras arrebatadas, poesía y química en la transición española (2009) and Culpables por la literatura. Imaginación política y contracultura en la transición española (2017), he looks at the role of various cultural resistance movements and artists in the history of the Iberian peninsula. From the 1854 uprisings to the present, Labrador stitches together a myriad of forgotten documents – including graffiti, songs, and poems – and endows them with meaning, expanding the aesthetic and political scope of the counterculture. He reconstructs new constellations of listening and opens up a shared conversation with authors who were able to imagine other, more radical democratic forms that are yet to be constructed.

In this podcast we talk to Germán Labrador about gastro-politics and nouvelle cuisine, about cannibalism and the class war, about Land Art, stone, and subalternity, about tides, poems, ditches, and fetishes, about imbalance as the basis of all order, and about how barricades and literature, which are part of the same process, manage to conceive of each other.

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