24/08/2010 48' 35''

This audiotour sets out to rethink certain areas of Barcelona through their aesthetic and cultural expressions. In particular, it reflects on how the body and certain ways of occupying space transformed the environment and generated enclaves of politicization that have had an impact on architecture and the public sphere in the city. To this end, an audiotour has been put together, connecting interviews and the testimony of some of the agents and protagonists of the period with key events and places, in order to generate a political and poetic topography of the Barcelona of the seventies.

This audiotour will take us to some of the key places where people gathered, discussed and engaged in independent, collective production during the seventies. Bars, studios, apartments and other improvised venues where political debate took place, or where small work communes created fanzines and magazines like "El Rrollo Enmascarado" and "Ajoblanco". This is the underground, libertarian, homosexual story of Barcelona during the last days of Franco's dictatorship and the 'transition-transaction' (as Bernat Muniesa called it), a time when the streets were a stage for celebrations, for the people, and for politics.

A project by Carla Arenas, Caroline Giffard and Miguel López for the Research Workshop within the MACBA Independent Studies Program (PEI).
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