• 00:01 The speech act
  • 05:38 Escapes from academia
  • 08:06 Three steps to starting conversations
  • 10:47 Access to culture
  • 13:57 The universality of cultural rights
  • 16:45 Racism and culture (in conversation with Anyely Marin Cisneros)
  • 19:42 Them and us
  • 21:14 New models of civilisation
  • 23:31 Education around racism
  • 24:53 Dismantling the rhetoric of mestizaje (in conversation with Helios F. Garcés)
  • 27:10 Pop debates and the pitfalls of mestizaje
  • 30:41 Morad: the triumph of the system and where race operates
  • 33:42 Look out for institutional decolonial critique
  • 38:13 Race is a power structure
  • 41:09 I lose sleep over violence in the educational sphere
  • 45:02 The museum as a colonial device (in conversation with Mostafà Shaimi)
  • 48:14 How does this museum affect me / (Im)possible museums?
  • 50:36 Mediation and translation into education
  • 52:28 xhibitions that intertwine with the city
  • 55:20 Be careful with translation-mediation (in conversation with Fabián Villegas)
  • 56:24 A museum of absences (in conversation with the Ecomuseo Urbano Gitano)
  • 59:35 Tasks and duties of museums (in conversation with Iván de la Nuez, Francisco Godoy)
  • 63:15 What we know we have to do
  • 68:21 Nicaragua: the importance of historical memory
07/02/2024 73' 17''
David Yubraham Sánchez pasado por el trazo de Violeta Ospina

David Yubraham Sánchez (b. Managua, 1980) is a Nicaraguan-born, Barcelona-based cultural manger and mediator. His various forays into and out of academia and the residue of his readings and frustrations have left him with a strong sense of being, above all, in transit. Perhaps that’s why David himself describes his current mediation practice as a “mechanism for transmission” of people with situated initiatives, views, and knowledge that are inconvenient to the hegemony of Western culture.

In this podcast, David Yubraham Sánchez expands on critical thoughts formulated in educational spaces, in constant conversation with others—an exercise in examining racist and colonial patterns in order to dismantle fictitious equivalences in the name of diversity. Thinking-by-doing—with collective work as his main methodology—gives rise to a profusion of tips, strategies and objectives to guide the work of anti-racist mediation, education, and cultural programming. This involves problematising the hollowing out of rights and cultural policies, identifying absences and erasures in democratic memory and national heritage, and implementing the political practice of listening.   

Conversation: Violeta Ospina and Anna Ramos. Script and sound production: Violeta Ospina. Voice over: Violeta Ospina. Sounds: RWM Working Group from the collective library "Bodily sounds".

Image: David Yubraham Sánchez seen by Violeta Ospina

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