• 02:05 Autonomy and mobility: the automobile artists.
  • 12:50 Feeding the commons. Dissent and circus as heterogeneous networking.
  • 19:04 The trap of community art.
  • 29:28 Aesthetic justice.
10/12/2015 38' 5''

Pascal Gielen is the director of the Arts in Society research group at the University of Gronigen, where he also teaches sociology and cultural politics. His publications include 'The Murmuring of the Aesthetic Multitude. Global Art, memory and post-Fordism' (2009) and 'Creativity and Other Fundamentalisms' (2013).

His numerous books and essays analyse the history of cultural policies and their consequences, exploring a series of arguments in which collective organisation is an antidote to the myth of infinite personal freedom, without social ties. Autonomy is always expressed within a web of mutual dependence. In this sense, Gielen develops notions such as shared freedom, the artistic multitude, and aesthetic justice, highlighting the weak status and constant anxiety of the most solitary sector of today’s creative workers.

SON[I]A talks to Pascal Gielen about post-Fordism, neo-liberalism, autonomy, and mobility, about the paradoxes of community art, and about the importance of artistic dissent in a possible economy of the commons, which is latent and still to come.

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