• 01:29 The shifting
  • 02:52 The relationship between video and sculpture
  • 04:05 Biographical background
  • 06:07 Memory and childhood
  • 07:28 Contradictions
  • 10:20 Barbed hula or nest
  • 12:23 Working on the Dead Sea
  • 15:27 Art and politics
  • 16:39 Artist vs researcher
  • 17:50 Influences
  • 18:34 International reception
  • 19:21 A bridge between borders
22/01/2015 21' 55''

Sigalit Landau was born in Jerusalem in 1969 and studied in a bilingual and multicultural environment in the Israel, the UK and the US, but without ever losing sight of the Judea Desert and the Dead Sea. After several years spent studying dance and a period of military service, she began her artistic career, mainly focusing on sculpture.

Her first works were exhibited at the Witte de With in Rotterdam, Herzliya Museum in Tel Aviv, Documenta in Kassel and the Venice Biennale, among others. Since the late nineties, Landau has reinterpreted her sculptural work through the use of the body in performances and videos. She works recursively with symbols, images and narratives as therapeutic forms of the wounds provoked by her historical, personal and cultural identity.

SON[I]A talks to Sigalit Landau about her work and about the methodology she uses to develop her personal vision of the world. She also discusses the inherent contradictions and connections between biography, territory and politics in her work, and analyses the role of art as the language that can account for this convergence.


Son[i]aSigalit Landaupost-colonialismDesires and necessities. MACBA Collection

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