21/03/2013 34' 2''

Ahlam Shibli is a Palestinan photographer who currently lives in Haifa. Her exhibition "Phantom Home" brings together nine photographic series that she has produced over the last decade. Most of the works are accompanied by an inscription that assigns a specific date and place to each photograph, the result of a research process that often entails ongoing empirical contact and dialogue with the subjects in question.

SON[I]A analyses the complex socio-political context of the life and work of Ahlam Shibli, an artist with an Israeli passport and Bedouin roots. It draws on the insights of an expert on the subject, the anthropologist and academic Alberto López Bargados, and also includes brief comments by Ahlam Shibli on the exhibition and her work.

Son[i]aAhlam Shibliexhibitionpost-colonialismmigra and coloniality