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Founded in Coventry (England) in 1968 by Michael Baldwin, Terry Atkinson, David Bainbridge and Harold Hurell, Art & Language brought together the work that these artists had been creating jointly since 1965. A year later, they published the first issue of the homonymous magazine Art-Language, a publication that reflected on theoretical problems of conceptual art and became a platform from which to develop the group’s projects.

During 1969 and 1970, Mel Ramsden, Ian Burn, Joseph Kosuth and Charles Harrison joined the group, which eventually ended up bringing together more than thirty artists in subsequent years. Since 1977, Art & Language has consisted of the artistic collaboration between Michael Baldwin and Mel Ramsden, with the theoretical contribution of the historian and art critic Charles Harrison, who died in 2009.

Son[i]a talks to Michael Baldwin and Mel Ramsden to coincide with the recent long-term loan of an extraordinary collection of 800 pieces by Art & Language at the MACBA, courtesy of the French collector Philippe Méaille.

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