24/06/2010 12' 24''

The dandy's monocle, the zoetrope, the fish-eye, the kaleidoscope, the telescope, the microscope are paradoxes of the micro and the macro that punctuate the work of Benet Rossell. Born in Ager in 1937, Rossell is the inventor of an original alphabet of icons, graphisms and, calligrams or "benigrams", as rich and full of nuances as any artist's pallet.

His work is a polyhedral and polyphonic construction, reminiscent of the fragmented images we see in the mirrors of a kaleidoscope and in which calligraphy plays a major role along with a living musical pulsation, respiration, rhythm and notation. The MACBA approaches the vast production of this multifaceted artor in the exhibition "Paral·lel Benet Rossell" from two perspectives: his films and his calligraphies.

Son[i]a speaks with Benet Rossell and Bartomeu Marí and Teresa Grandas co-curators of the exhibition.


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