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The word is the basic component of poetry and, by extension, of literature. However, since the invention of writing the word has been inextricably linked to its written image and as such to a visual dimension that brings it nearer to art. In this context, visual poetry emerged in the last century as a hybrid territory and a playground for avant-garde artistic and literary practices, precisely because of its capacity to alter the usual correspondences between signifier and signified and to establish areas of confusion and ambiguity.

"From Words to Images. Visual poetry as an alternative poetic discourse" is the monographic course presented by the MACBA in conjunction with the presence in its galleries of works by Gil J Wolman and Benet Rossell, two artists and poets who have worked with text and the writing of signs, albeit from very different angles. The ultimate aim of the course is to analyse the relationship between words and images in the perspective of a digital culture where one and the other are increasingly mixed up in the act of reading.
Son[i]a interviews Enric Bou, professor from the Hispanic Studies Department of Brown University.


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