05/05/2006 10' 32''
son[i]a 01

An Italian writer, philosopher and cultural agitator, Franco Berardi "Bifo" concentrates on an independent media activism that is able to support non-standardised imaginaries from other strategies of information and communication. In this sense, structures like free radio and Telestreet street TV become effective structures for political action. An outstanding participant and analyst of the Italian 77 Movement, he is co-founder of the Rekombinant website and author of numerous books, such as "La fàbrica de la infelicitat. Noves formes de treball i moviment global" ("The Unhappiness Factory: New Forms of Work and Global Movement"), and "Telestreet. Máquina Imaginativa no homologada" ("Telestreet: Non-Approved Imaginative Machine"), in this case with Marco Jacquemet and Giancarlo Vitali. In 2004, Bifo participated in "La revolució (no serà) retransmesa" ("The Revolution (will not be) Broadcast"), sessions of debate on communication and activism at the MACBA. This SON[I]A opens with an exclusive interview with Marcel Broodthaers and a taste of the sound work "Interview with a Cat", 1970.

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