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Franco Berardi, better known as Bifo, is a writer, philosopher and political and cultural activist who has devoted much of his career to studying the relationship between new communication technologies and social movements. The current financial crisis has led him to advocate the need for a creative uprising based on the reactivation of empathy and social solidarity, in order to stand up to the financial tyranny.

Berardi actively participated in the 1968 student riots that were organised at the University of Bologna, and in the 1977 Movement in that same city, which brought together the revolutionary efforts of a group of intellectuals, artists and students who called themselves Mao-Dadaists. Around that same time he co-founded Radio Alice, Italy’s first free radio, and the magazine A/Traverso.

In 2000, he collaborated in the implementation of Telestreet (2002-2004), a network of local televisions that soon spread to several Italian cities as a weapon against the Mediaset monopoly. He currently teaches social history of the media at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, and is part of the teaching staff at SCEPSI (European School for Social Imagination) in San Marino.

Son[i]a joins Franco Berardi in analysing possible strategies for insurrection and citizen resistance in the face of the crisis that currently hangs over Europe.

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