• 00:01 Tools for complexity. But... What is being alive?
  • 04:00 Questioning things, words that refuse to stay still… Where can we come together?
  • 06:42 I’m silly and I do silly things
  • 08:41 I love gossip and witchery. Serious jokes
  • 10:48 Oh, the shame!
  • 15:45 Collaboration. Seeming to be alone.
  • 26:02 The text and theatre as a springboard.
  • 27:43 Coda: if anything is missing, I’ll text you.
26/01/2024 28' 43''
Itxaso Corral, "Kaligrafías"

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with choreographer, performer and artist Itxaso Corral, which we couldn’t include the first time around. With Itxaso, we embrace the complexity of being-and-doing-with-others, and we look inside some of the notions that underlie her thinking-by-doing: hijacked words that can be set free, such as tenderness, naivety, empathy, modesty and cringe. We also open up a host of questions—poetic, political, and convivial—in order to spend some time with them, leaving them unanswered. How far do things go? Is reading a text just reading a text? Does a written text remain only on the page? Is there no vibration? Who is legitimized, and to say what? Which things are accepted as legitimized and which are left out? Do I seem to be alone? Where can we come together?

Conversation: Javiera Cádiz, Ricardo Cárdenas and Anna Ramos. Script: Ricardo Cárdenas. Sound production: Ricardo Cárdenas and Anna Ramos.
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