• 00:01 I am Hamja Ahsan, commander in chief of the global international revolutionary movement to overthrow extrovert supremacy
  • 02:58 Speaking truth to power
  • 05:28 Being a shy radical
  • 15:14 Autistic icons
  • 22:13 Writing, trails
  • 30:55 Influences in "Shy Radicals"
  • 37:01 Religious identity
  • 43:34 The language of "Shy Radicals"
  • 48:44 There's now seven European governments which pay for me to just travel and eat fried chicken
  • 55:30 documenta fifteen
  • 62:35 Radical Chicken
  • 74:50 Critical chicken as a critical object
  • 86:09 Forms of fried chicken which aren't actually fried chicken
  • 87:35 Chicken khutbah
12/01/2024 93' 47''
Hamja Ahsan – Theological Positions on Fried Chicken at documenta fifteen; ; 2022; | Commission: Common Objectives Artist: Ahsan, Hamja;

Hamja Ahsan is a British artist, writer, curator and fanzine enthusiast. He is known for his raw critique of dominant culture and power structures, particularly in the context of cultural representation and identity. As a neurodivergent Muslim, his work addresses the intersectionality of race, religion, and politics, shedding light on the ways in which dominant narratives perpetuate marginalisation, inequality and the repression of civil liberties.

His 2017 book Shy Radicals explores the idea of shyness as a form of resistance, encouraging readers to reconsider the role of introversion in political engagement. This down-to-earth, anti-systemic manifesto, is a multifaceted compendium of modes and registers, full of satire and personal anecdotes. It reframes social justice movements through the lens of introspection, deep thinking and empathy as mechanisms against what he calls “Extrovert-Supremacism”.

We talk to Hamja Ahsan about his traumatic participation in documenta fifteen, about the language of Shy Radicals, about neurodiversity and Islamophobia, and about the fictional utopian shy people’s Republic of Aspergistan. But also about fried chicken. Yes, mostly about fried chicken, really.

Conversation: Quim Pujol, Pantea Arman and Anna Ramos. Script and sound production: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Voice over: Hiuwai Chu. Audio recordings by: Anna Irina Russell, SubUnit_FieldRec, stujun, wangzhuokun.
Son[i]aanti-racismHamja AhsanCreative Commons

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