• 00:01 Prologue
  • 02:18 Intro
  • 03:55 How We Behave
  • 06:42 The performative quality of the interview
  • 09:25 Not too tight, not too loose
  • 12:28 Deindividuating the narrative
  • 16:34 The atmosphere of the interview
  • 17:45 Enacting
  • 19:16 How to be coalitional
  • 22:43 Demographics and precariat
  • 24:56 Other interview projects
  • 30:14 Interviewing as a social practice
  • 32:40 Frozen time
  • 36:39 Transference
  • 38:44 Decoupling voice from body
  • 40:40 Editing
  • 42:42 An interview about interviews
23/09/2022 47' 37''
Grant Watson, “HWB (fabindia)”, 2019, paper textile collage

Grant Watson is a London-based curator and researcher. His practice includes exhibitions, publications, and long-term interview projects that revolve around notions such as collective politics, queer and feminist perspectives, and the politics of textiles, with a strong emphasis on narratives that break away from the hegemonic gaze.

Notable projects include bauhaus imaginista, a major international project exploring the transnational character of the Bauhaus and its reception; Folded Life: Talking Textile Politics (2021–), which looks at the links between textiles and subjectivity and personal lives; and How We Behave, commissioned by Amsterdam-based performance platform If I Can't Dance, which explores questions of contemporary subjectivity through an archive of interviews conducted around the world, from India to Brazil: “Thinking through questions”, as he puts it.

We sat down with Grant Watson to talk about textiles and their material and social ramifications. Instead, we ended up talking about his interview-based practice, essentially producing an extremely meta interview on interviews and interviewing. In this podcast, Grant Watson talks about enacting, editing, demographics, transference, capturing the atmosphere of an interview, and other issues that he explores in one of his main ongoing projects, How We Behave.

Conversation: Anna Ramos and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Edition and sound production: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros.
Son[i]aqueerGrant WatsonoralityCreative Commons

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