• 02:48 A choir kid
  • 07:39 Where is the spirituality?
  • 10:05 Hobbies turn competitive
  • 11:50 Musical education in high school
  • 16:20 How to use the voice as an instrument
  • 23:12 Role-playing games as basic strategies for reinventing herself
  • 31:26 Live looping as the main source to create music
  • 33:45 Treating sound as a material object
  • 36:22 Different identities
  • 37:43 The ephemerality of music
  • 40:25 Written and non-written information
  • 43:22 Decolonizing modern life
  • 48:30 The power of community
  • 52:32 How to build a different society outside the heteronormative world
15/10/2019 56' 28''

Music and sound excerpts by Lyra Pramuk

American composer-producer Lyra Pramuk embodies the search for a sensual mysticism through improvisation, by means of delicate electronic manipulations that merge Western classical vocal training, performance practice, pop sensibilities, and an interest in electronic music and club culture. The result is a fluid and ethereal sound that has often been described as futurist folk.

The point of departure for Lyra’s practice is listening, which she sees as a fundamental tool for both self-realisation and collective action. Role-playing games, which were a big part of her life as a teenager, were a decisive influence on her idea of queerness and transness, and are reflected in her work and explorations in the form of multiple layers of identity that come together in a single voice.

In this podcast, Lyra Pramuk talks about key moments in her childhood and adolescence, which was marked by a rigorous religious and musical education, and about her subsequent journey to deconstruct her assigned identity, taking refuge in her love of science fiction and role-playing games as basic strategies for reinventing herself. We also chat about performativity, resisting the text, non-verbal music, live vs studio work, the recording logic of the music industry, the importance of queer community building, and clubbing in Berlin.

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