08/10/2018 97' 49''

This podcast is part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Music commissioned to Goodiepal & Pals. Editing by Anna Ramos.

The Dane Goodiepal has invested all his time and energy in avoiding stereotypes and expectations. His crusade for radical pedagogy and sci-fi speculation with graphical notation so as not to bore the artificial intelligence to come, is now going through a more political phase. Even more than when he decided to drastically cut his carbon footprint and built Kommunal Komputer Klon 2, a customised bike -now part of the SMK Collection- that he used as his only means for travelling, when he was booked for his talks, concerts, workshops or whatever.

In 2016, the ‘trickster’s trickster’ announced on the networks that he was ‘too old to perform on his own’, so he created a new group, together with Oliver Laumann, Dønny Fortrængning, Nynne Roberta Pedersen Pedersen 1 & Nynne Roberta Pedersen 2, Sara Nigard Rosendal and others, mostly active in Germany, Scandinavia and the Balkans. In this new format, art gives room to activism, with interventions in refugee camps, stopping deportations and other hacks of the system.

In this podcast, Goodiepal plays a borrowed Casiotone VL-1 VL-Tone and we talk about art's failure to have real impact, the best place to hide stuff, contracts and hacks, double standards in Europe, creativity in sheer survival strategies, Climate refugees, genocides in the making, modern afro-futurism, Radical Computer Music and circuit bending.

00:00 Radical Computer Music is alive
00:03 A supercool keyboard
00:07 I will only answer in rap style
00:07 I’m old and it's a great age to go political
00:13 Getting political is easy
00:15 The band
00:16 Loud music
00:18 Looking at refugees
00:23 The artist is present
00:27 Change your statement
00:29 The refugee crisis
00:32 Ideas for the few
00:36Band ethics
00:41 Passports
00:43 I have a good credit card history
00:45 Extended hacking
00:48 National Gallery of Denmark: SMK
00:55 Survival mode is creativity
00:58 The forest
01:05:03 The feeling that art has nothing to do with reality
01:09:34 Remember to make children
01:11:13 I’m starting with the man in the mirror
01:14:18Moria Camp
01:17:18 Goofy stereotypes
01:19:51 Afro-futurism, Irdial-Discs, Akin Fernandez
01:25:43 Old gear, cheap gear, historical gear
01:30:56 Circuit bent instruments (are the future)

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