• 03:10 SALT is a research institution
  • 05:10 The eighties in Turkey: how did we get there
  • 08:28 The alternatives and new methods
  • 13:49 "Scared of murals"
  • 16:13 The seventies were quite political
  • 22:04 Artists in The Monastery: an old building taken over by the artists
  • 23:20 Other cracks in the system: a free university, women festivals, magazines, popular culture...
  • 29:39 Turkey, today
22/02/2017 32' 25''

Describing itself as a research institute rather than an art centre or a museum, SALT explores critical accounts of Turkey's recent history, compiling all of its activities in open access files. SALT team members cyclically rotate through all roles, from documentation to transport, and authorship becomes blurred.

Projects that Merve Elveren has participated in, such as 'How did we get here?' (2015), 'Scared of Murals' (2013), and 'A Promised Exhibition' (2013) reveal ruptures and continuities in the recent past, allowing us to reconstruct the decades of the seventies and eighties, marked by the implementation of neoliberal policies, the vitality of civil society, the withdrawal of artists, and military violence.

SON[I]A talks to Merve Elveren about research practices in politically turbulent situations, about the archiving paralysis of the eighties, the floundering promises of neoliberalism and the possibilities of reactivating past stories of responsibility and resistance in the present.