• 00:01 Patrick Harrop, "ondes simultanee et pertuber" (05:24 min)
  • 05:24 Ed Osborn, "Caller" (05:23 min)
  • 10:47 Javier Suarez Quiros, "Modulation I" (07:31 min)
  • 18:18 Mark Vernon, "St Columb Major – transmission received" (08:38 min)
  • 26:56 William Basinski, "Fringe Area" (07:15 min)
  • 34:11 Nicholas Knouf, "Let’s absorb the waves as we hold on for dear life" (04:36 min)
  • 38:47 Edward Ruchalski, "Oracle" (03:28 min)
  • 42:15 Sally Ann Mcintyre, "a lagoon, considered against its archival image" (07:57 min)
  • 50:12 Stephen Bradley, "The Perfect Storm" (09:20 min)
  • 59:32 Pietro Bonanno, "Over the Horizon" (08:59 min)
  • 68:31 Linda Dusman & Alan Wonneberger, "Strange Sonars" (10:00 min)
  • 78:31 Jeff Gburek, "Three Steppes Forward Two Steppes Back" (08:56 min)
  • 87:27 Jed Miner, "Argent Discovery" (10:00 min)
  • 97:27 Amanda Dawn Christie, "Spectres of Shortwave: Falling Towers (excerpt)" (06:01 min)
  • 103:28 Lee Rosevere, "Elegy for RCI" (01:49 min)
24/04/2018 112' 5''

Curated by Wave Farm. In collaboration with the Shortwave Shindig.

This show presents an international look at works that explore the sonics of the shortwave radio spectrum (2-30 mHz), and the experience of long distance listening. The program features works by 15 artists who originate from Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Scotland, Spain, and the United States. The artists and works included in this program were selected from a call for submissions in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Winter Shortwave Listening Fest (Pennsylvania, U.S.A) and Wave Farm's (New York) 20th anniversary year, which took place in 2017.

This program is also available as a sound works only compilation, excluding the audio introductions, which can be downloaded here. We also feature two short essays by David Goren ('The Short Waves Go Long') and Andrew Moon ('Making the Archipelago Sound').

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