• 00:01 Let nature be wild: education in an ecosocial society
  • 02:15 Ask yourself: what would neoliberals do? It took the neoliberals many years of organising before they had their first successes.
  • 06:29 How do we make this happen? Multiples startegies from a board game to exercise imagination to scenario planning,
  • 08:32 People want to blow up pipelines, but how many want to spend years in jail? Activist groups and activist stories
  • 09:42 Learning from Animal Rights activist groups
  • 10:25 Pet ownership and golf
  • 12:16 From critique to action
  • 13:06 Being critical of the Earth System sciences
  • 16:33 Indigenous hunting
  • 19:05 Inspiration from Indigenous political governance and struggles
30/11/2023 21' 43''
"Half-earth Socialism" (book cover)

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with environmental historian, researcher and writer Troy Vettese. We talk about Animal Rights activism, pet ownership, golf and the urgent need to go from critique to action and to build coalitions within many struggles.

Conversation: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Anna Ramos. Sound production: Anna Ramos.
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