• 00:01 Maintaining safe and welcoming spaces takes time
  • 04:00 The thing about quotas
  • 07:30 Some further notes on being "nice"
  • 11:07 Safe spaces and pragmatics
  • 15:12 There's always a blind spots: care-less and care-full solidarity
  • 18:06 Infrastructure
04/01/2023 21' 55''
André Chêdas' notes of our conversation with Eva Rowson

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with curator, artist and cultural producer Eva Rowson that we were unable to include the first time around. Eva expands on her proposition of being nice as an integral part of her curatorial and managing work, while taking into account the challenges of maintaining safe and welcoming spaces. The questions of quotas and infrastructure pop up in the conversation too.

Conversation: André Chêdas, Verónica Lahitte and Anna Ramos. Script and production: André Chêdas and Anna Ramos.
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